The source code

GKW is open source, as in OPEN source. The GKW source is hosted at bitbucket, and any user therefore ALWAYS has access to the latest version:

Non-members may clone a read-only working copy ANONYMOUSLY over HTTPS.
git clone git at bitbucket.org:gkw/gkw.git gkw_git

To gain commit access or to access to the issue tracker, users should request access from the developers.

GKW is written in Fortran 95, the code is well documented and the source is very readable. The more ambitious user should find it relatively easy to modify the source. This can be done independently, or as part of the project. The choice is up to you. The only restriction imposed is that our original effort is acknowledged. This requires a citation to the original paper The nonlinear gyro-kinetic flux tube code GKW

To assist users and developers, there is also a searchable dictionary of the source code generated by Doxygen.

There are also outdated Statistics on the source code.