To Do

Please add suggestions to make this site better:

  1. Move up one level
  2. Make the template look nicer: colors, text size etc.
    1. Better now? Experiment further with themes. Make wider?
  3. Add some input files related to the publications
  4. Add the GKW manual
  5. Add some (more) of the benchmarks
  6. Arrange for a backup of the site (how is this done) ?
    1. Automatic daily backups can be enabled for £10 / year, or we can do it manually or try to setup our own cronjob
  7. Develop a consistent filing stucture. When do we use page attachments, galleries, image galleries, ftp uploads directly to a folder? At the moment it is a bit of a mess.
  8. Equations
    1. Enabling the tikiwiki plugin requires us to install latex on the server, difficult without shell access.
    2. Might require switching to a new hosting service:
      1. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=643968
      2. http://sixthform.info/steve/wordpress/?p=63
    3. Or we could make and uploads pngs - a bit of a hassle I know, OOlatex is good though.
    4. Or with a bit or work we might be able to use http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsMath/authors/overview.html
  9. Remove duplicate content from the googlecode site?
  10. Decide what we are using the forums and mailing lists for
  11. fix multimedia movies (use HTML5 when supported, for example - can always use the html plugin to do that)


  1. Enable clean urls
  2. E-mail contact through the webpage (we say people are welcome to participate, but they can not find how to contact us)
    1. The contact us page is back with an address which forwards to the updates list (we can change this). The email link should be obscured to most bots, but if we start getting spam we can make a new address and remove the email link, leaving only the form this is not working!
  3. -Put the videos and pictures directly visible on the website (I guess this requires a higher tiki version) -
    1. http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page_ref_id=2974
    2. Tried this in the only article we have and it tells me Flash player not available
    3. The flash now works, see the article and Multimedia. You have to be quite careful with the syntax and the url. Does not work for some - can a different plugin be used instead? If not, it should be possible to at least download the movie from that part of the page.
  4. Tidy up and remove testing junk
  5. Upgrade the tiki version

Notes on 2016 tikiwiki upgrade

This site was upgraded to tikiwiki CMS 10 in 2016 and php 5.4. The upgrade was accomplished with these steps:
  1. justhost support made change to .htaccess at top level to disable frontpage extensions
  2. Full backup and SQL database downloads from cpanel to rassel desktop machine of FC
  3. Update PHP version with help of justhost support to fix mojo install script
  4. Fresh tikiwiki CMS v 10 install via mojomarketplace one click install to /tikiwiki10. Not the latest version, but the only one that was available there.
  5. Connect via FTP, rename tikiwiki to tikiwiki_old
  6. Delete tikiwiki10/db/lock, rerun tiki-install.php (get password from db/local.php)
  7. Get old SQL database details from tikiwiki_old/db/local/php, copy into tiki-install.php, click through the options, completes OK
  8. Rename tikiwiki10 to tikiwiki
  9. Some small tweaks as admin user, but most things seem to work - (https login still broken)