Presentations and Posters related to the GKW code


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Entropy in GKW S. Grosshauser Madrid
Theoretical description of heavy impurity transport and its application to the modelling of tungsten in JET and ASDEX Upgrade F.J. Cassson EPS Berlin


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Islands Hornsby, Peeters Netherlands meeting, December 2013
ITER ECCD, GKW parallelism F.J Casson Damerow, November 2013
Tearing mode slab benchmarks with analytic theory D.Zarzoso Damerow, November 2013
Impurity transport modelling capabilities F.J. Casson E2M AUG Ringberg, November 2013
Influence of rotation on (turbulent) impurity transport F.J. Casson EFTC Oxford, September 2013
EigenValue Solver in GKW R. Buchholz BT Seminar
Gyrokinetic Turbulence in strongly rotating plasmas F.J. Casson IAEA TM, Vienna, May 2013
Torodial Momentum Transport by parallel derivatives symmetry breaking A.G.Peeters IAEA TM, Vienna, May 2013
Short wavelength ITG modes with non-zero ballooning angle P. Migliano IAEA TM, Vienna, May 2013
Finite orbit width effects on NTM stability E. Poli IAEA TM, Vienna, May 2013
Tungsten, Tearing Modes, Turbulence F.J Casson JET, March 2013


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Off Diagonal mechanisms of Impurity Transport F.J. Casson CCFE, Dec 2012
Validation of impurity transport including rotation in ASDEX upgrade F.J. Casson JET / Ringberg, Nov / Dec 2012
Global GKW A. G. Peeters Ringberg, Nov 2012


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Microstability Analysis of Low-Z Impurity Doped Tokamak Plasmas G. Szepesi Warwick CFSA Seminar June
Consequences of profile shearing on toroidal momentum transport Y. Camenen PIIM May
Gyrokinetic modelling of impurity transport with the inclusion of centrifugal effects, and application to observations at JET and DIII-D C. Veth IPP TOK Seminar July
Implementation and numerical calculation of neoclassical transport fluxes M. Oberparleiter IPP TOK Seminar July
The dynamics of vortex modes within magnetic islands. W. Hornsby IPP Liebenberg Theory Meeting.


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Turbulent generation and control of the toroidal flow profile Y. Camenen Invited talk 18th EFPW 6-8 December Mayrhofen Austria
Core momentum transport theory A.G. Peeters Invited talk 18th EFPW 6-8 December Mayrhofen Austria
Overview of toroidal momentum transport A.G. Peeters Overview talk OV5-4 at the 23th IAEA Fusion energy Conference, 11-16 October Daejeon Republic of Korea
Toroidal momentum transport A.G. Peeters Gyrokinetics in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas (workshop), 19 July -13 August 2010, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Gyro-kinetic turbulence in the presence of strong rotation F.J. Casson Invited talk at the Joint Varenna-Lausanne International Workshop Theory of fusion plasmas, Varenna, Italy August 30 – September 3, 2010
The multiscale interaction of the Tearing instability on Larmor scale turbulence in a Tokamak W.A. Hornsby Invited talk at the Joint Varenna-Lausanne International Workshop Theory of fusion plasmas, Varenna, Italy August 30 – September 3, 2010
Experimental demonstration of an up-down asymmetry effect on intrinsic rotation in the TCV tokamak Y. Camenen Invited talk 37th European Physical Society conference on plasma physics, Dublin (Ireland) 21-25 June 2010
Gyrokinetic simulations including the centrifugal force in a strongly rotating tokamak plasma F.J. Casson Talk at the Turbsim seminar CCFE Culham (UK) July 2010
Gyrokinetic simulation of high beta plasmas with GKW G. Szepesi Talk at the Turbsim seminar CCFE Culham (UK) 2010


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
Effect of the Coriolis drift on turbulent crossfield transport in magnetised plasmas Y. Camenen Invited talk at the IOP Plasma Physics Conference Coventry (UK) 30 March - 2 April 2009
Toroidal momentum transport Y. Camenen Invited talk 13th EFTC, Riga (Latvia) Oct. 2009
Intrinsic rotation driven by the electrostatic turbulence: the up-down asymmetry effect Y. Camenen Invited talk IAEA Technical Meeting on the theory of plasma instabilities, Kyoto (Japan) 18 May to 20 May (2009)


Title Speaker Conference / Workshop
The Coriolis drift effect A.G. Peeters Contributed oral at the 35th European Physical Society conference on Plasma Physics, Hersonissos (Crete,Greece) 9–13 June 2008
Momentum Transport in Fusion Devices Due to Small Scale Turbulence A.G. Peeters Theory seminar, University of Warwick (UK) 2009
Toroidal momentum transport A.G. Peeters Invited talk 13th EU-US TTF Workshop, Copenhagen (Denmark) 1-4 September (2008)

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